Parent Information

Student Fees

Students are required to pay a $30 student/ Locker Fee each year .

First Sport $ 70.00

Second Sport $ 50.00

Year Book  $ 50


Medical Alerts

For students with medical alert conditions, please ensure the medical information and contact information is up to date each year for your child by contacting the office.  Please see the Parent/Guardian Medical Alert Planning Guide. For any medications that need to be administered at school, a Medical Form signed by a physician is required.

Attendance Policies

SafeArrival Program (School Messenger App)

One of our greatest priorities is ensuring that all of our students arrive safely to school every day. To improve our safe arrival process, we are adding a new system that will make it easier for parents to report and respond to school absences of your child.

The new student absence reporting system will let you use a mobile app, website, or an interactive toll-free phone line to report an absence in advance. As a result, it will take the school less time to verify student attendance, and less time to begin to notify parents and guardians of absences that were unexpected or unplanned.

This time savings makes it faster and more efficient to account for all students and their safety.

If your student has been marked absent and the absence hasn't been explained in advance, our new SafeArrival system will be able to rapidly contact you by automated phone call, text message, email, or mobile app push notification to get a reason for the absence. Calls and contacts will continue until you choose an option to explain the absence.

This new automated SafeArrival process is part of our SchoolMessenger notification system from West, and our new SchoolMessenger mobile app for iOS and Android devices. It'll be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make it convenient for you to report future absences.

Safe Arrival School Messenger App & Info

New Student Registrations / Consent Forms

All new student registrations are handled electronically through the SD58 website. Once you register your student at PSS, we will reach out to you with more information on the transfer of students records and admissions requirements. Documents required for registering a new student are:

  • Student Birth Certificate/Status Card/Passport/BCID
  • Student CareCard
  • Proof of BC Residence (ie Parent ID, utility bill) 2 pieces of Govt issued ID must have physical address
  • First Nations Identification
  • Registration Form filled out by parent/guardian
  • Parent Consent Form
  • Bus Registration (also done on SD58 website)
  • Medical Alert form if required
  • Copies of court orders/Separation agreements (if necessary)


For the Authorization Form to release a student's record to our school, please see the link to the form.


Interims and Report Cards


Can be found on the MyEd Parent Portal.  If you require assistance logging on, please contact the office and they will be happy to assist you.

Report Cards

Will be printed and sent home with students.   All report cards can be collected from their Advisory Teacher during last block of the day on Report Card day.