Rebel Athletics

Our athletic chapter in this school is filled with some top physical athletes who strive to win everyday and be in the best possible conditioning in the leagues. Our teams are as follows.


Senior Men’s Basketball

On our basketball team for the senior men’s division we have Jett Larsen, Bradley Bronswyk, Seth Stein,
Dillon Marcel, Marcus Brodie, Gage Trenton, and Jhonathon Brines.

Senior Girls

On our senior girls team we have Alivea Chittick, Abby Chittick, Haley Anderson, Taylor White, Danika sulentich, Addison Van Genne, Miranda Crucil, Sylvie Druck, and Mylee Coyne

Junior Boys

On our boys team we have Johnathon Brines, Gage Gibson, Keenan Bronswyk, Devon Harrison, Bradley Sutton, Trenton Vegara, Riley Friesen, Gabe Smith, Kayden Jones, and Stran smith.

Junior girls

Our junior girls team featured Shambree Reichart, Aliza, Natalie, Chloe, Piper, Kolby, Gillian Breanna, and Madison.


Senior Mens Volleyball

For our mens Volleyball team we had Jett Larsen, Brad Bronswyk, Riley Friesen, Gage Gibson, Case Brodie, Keaton Whelpton, Nick Sombaro, Trenton Vegara, and Trent Robinson

Senior Girls Volleyball

For our senior girls team we have Mylee Coyne, Abby Chittick, Alivea Chittick, Taylor White, Haley Anderson, Shelby Bothe, Danika Sulentich, and Kami French.

Junior Girls

On our junior girls we had Riley, Maddy, Kolby, Chloe, Shambree, Megan, shianne, Natalie, Payton, Gilly, and Taelah.

Cross Country

We had one star cross country runner this year named Nathan Silbernagel. Sadly he is leaving this year.

Our Athletics Code

Athletes Conduct

1. School: You are in school for an education. Keep that first in your thoughts, but place athletics
2. Drugs & Alcohol: Use of drugs/alcohol is NOT allowed.
3. Smoking: NO smoking will be allowed during the season.
4. Language: Abusive/flagrant language will not be tolerated at any time (both on and off the
5. Dress: Team members will wear ties and or dress clothes (no jeans) to school and to games on
game day.
Note: Always be a gentleman/lady and do nothing that will bring discredit to you or your school – on or
off the floor, when at home or away.
1. A REBEL should never miss a practice. The only excuse will be illness or a special situation.
2. Be dressed, on the floor and ready to practice on time without exception. Never leave the
practice floor without permission from the coach.
3. Practice with the same intensity you would play a game. Work hard to improve yourself without
having to be forced.
(Success is a peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to
become the best you are capable of becoming.)